Huskies are especially bred for running and pulling sledges (or anything, they don’t mind if it is a bike or a car) in these northern weather conditions. When you come and visit us, you will see how eager they are about running. They will happily welcome you to come and have a ride of your life.

In our kennel we have almost 60 dogs, both Siberian huskies and Alaskan huskies. The biggest difference between them, which our guests are usually noticing, is the outlook since Siberians are pure breed dogs and therefore really beautiful looking and quite similar to each other. Alaskan huskies, on the other hand, are not recognized by any kennel clubs etc. and they are considered as working dogs. They are basically a mixed breed, so the outlook can be anything from floppy ears to short hair and pointy ears to fluffy coat.

Their working characters are also different. When fluffy Siberians like to stay in their comfort zone, Alaskans are pushing it to the limit. Alaskan huskies endurance, running and pulling are really effective since their body shape is usually leaner and their legs are longer compared to Siberians. Alaskan huskies are actually the most commonly used, even though you usually see blue-eyed Siberians in the pictures.

At the moment we have dogs in many ages, from four months to 15-16 years. We don’t always have puppies in our yard, only when we some new energy to the pack. They are going to be ready for safari work when they are over two years old. Until that, it’s all about training!

The old ones are staying with us until the end. We don’t give them away since they grow to be a part of our family. The dogs are usually born here, so we get really bonded with them during their lifetime. They are really good teachers for the pups and youngsters and perfect dogs for cuddling, of course. You can meet some of the oldies in our running fence, they are there to give you the ultimate husky hugs!